ZIP Shade Exterior System

Zip exterior shadeThe Zip Exterior Shading Solution is ideal for your windows, balconies, terraces and porches. We designed our ZIP shades to fit neatly into their cassette compartments so they remain protected and are easy to maintain. We also ensure that they are fully functional in any environment and able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Our Exterior ZIP shades can cover surfaces up to 26′ in width and 16′ in height. 

The ZIP Exterior Shade is manufactured with a zipper like detail welded to the vertical edges of the fabric. These zippers run in tracks on each side and in turn prevent the fabric from being pushed out of the aluminum side channels. The thermo coated aluminum and steel parts ensure an optimal level of resistance to corrosive atmospheric agents thanks to the innovative treatments to which we submit them.

The aluminum cassette and side channels are available in standard or custom finishes. The choice of fabric types varies on the chosen application for exterior, interior or skylights. 120v motors and controls power this automated system. The Zip Exterior Shading Solution can be integrated with any type of control system.

zip shade

  • Standard hardware finish is available in white, black, ivory or charcoal bronze; custom powder coat RAL color match is also available upon request.
  •  Weighted hem bar to stabilize shade during operation.
  • Wind and weather sensors available to retract your system while away during a storm.
  • Standalone control available with remote or wall switch or can be integrated into home automation system.

zipper exterior shade

exterior zip shade

Exterior ZIP Shade zip exterior shade
FlexShade ZIP XL Exterior ZIP Shade

Zip exterior shade

zip exterior shade

zip shade