Shades for Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn windows have become more and more popular especially in new construction in New York City. We finally have a solution to provide shades for the typically difficult to cover tilt and turn windows. Using the track system allows the shades to stay in place when operating either of the two distinct window functions of tilt and turn windows: swinging in like a door, or tilting the top of the sash into the room for ventilation (see below).

Tilt and Turn windows

Shading tilt and turn windows has always been a challenge, however with this new system you can achieve the desired look and function including the below benefits.

Tilt and turn windows

  • Shades stay in place when the window is being opened or tilted.
  • Attaches to glass or window sash without damaging the window.
  • Available with manual control only.
  • Compatible with French doors.
  • System finish is available in Bronze, Brass, Pewter or White.


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