Shield Clear Vinyl PPE Solutions

InSync Shield

InSync Clear Vinyl PPE Solutions are a quality, lightweight see-through social distancing barrier made from clear vinyl and an aluminum frame. Choose the XL free-standing model for a lecture-style classroom or hallway conferences. Or hinged tabletop models with three, four, or five panels to divide small groups of two, three, or four people. Optional feet lift the tabletop barriers to allow the passage of paperwork or small items. 

Clear Vinyl Protective Roller Screen
InSync Shield can be used in any public place where people gather, including huddle rooms, office spaces, businesses, and health care facilities. 

InSync Shield can be easily cleaned using common cleaning products and should be used in conjunction with other accepted protocols for preventing the spread of airborne illness, such as wearing face masks, washing hands, and social distancing.

PPE Clear Vinyl Products
PPE Clear Vinyl Products
PPE Clear Vinyl Products