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InSync Solar provides Engineered Shading Solutions for the Residential, Commercial and Hospitality markets throughout the United States. Its primary market is Architects who specify Engineered Solar Shades for their projects.

InSync Solar offers 1.0 Credit AIA Lunch & Learn course in the New York Metro area for Exterior Solar Shades – The Next Generation in Window Coverings. To book a lunch and learn program please contact us by email at

When planning a project, InSync Solar offers the  Architect  service unmatched in the industry. Beginning with one on one consultation, InSync Solar is able to determine the function of the required shading solution, design the system, incorporate the latest digital technology for automation and control, provide drawings, submittals, specifications and finally fabricate and install the project.      

InSync Solar
1 Broadway

Park Ridge, NJ 07656
Phone: 845-290-6370
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