Reducing Stress to Systems with Custom Drapery

AIA/CES Registered Provider Program Summary

Provider:  Decorating with Fabric, Inc.

Program: The Sustainable Drapery – Reducing Stress to Systems with Custom Drapery

Program #: OCT2020

Length: 1 Hour

Credits: 1 LU/HSW

The Sustainable Drapery: Reducing Stress to Systems focuses on the five areas of stress that custom drapery can improve upon. These are: 1) The reduction of solar energy entering a space. 2) Dealing with excessive and annoying glare. 3) Lowering sound reverberation. 4) Providing desired privacy 5) Managing ambient light. 

Prerequisite Knowledge:
The program delves into how properly designed drapery design is a collaborative process that involves thinking ecologically—studying systems, relationships, and interactions, in order to design in ways that removes rather than contributes stress to systems.

Learning Objectives

Learning Objective #1
*Understanding the meaning of sustainable design when specifying drapery.

Learning Objective #2
*An understanding how to reduce stress to systems by controlling, light, heat, glare and privacy. 

Learning Objective #3
*Educating the participant in the latest technologies of motorization and controls. 

Learning Objective #4
*How to specify the correct fabrics to achieve light, heat, glare and privacy control.