Rack Arm Exterior Louver System

The Rack Arm System is a non-retractable louver system. The louvers can open and close to control solar energy, light and glare. It is very beneficial when precise light control is important in venues such as galleries or museums. Each system incorporates standard components but is custom designed to meet the specific application requirements.

This reliable solution offers years of dependable service with minimal maintenance required. It is perfect for difficult glazing problems no matter the slope or angle of the window. The system can be used in just about any glazing situation: horizontal, inclined, vertical, or with any shape of window opening. The Rack Arm System can be used on interior or exterior windows.

  • Slats are made of aluminum and come in a wide range of sizes: 50mm (2”) Flexible, 80mm (3”) Rolled Edge, 75mm (3") Extruded, 88mm (3-1/2") Extruded
  • Rack arm sizes: Standard, Heavy Duty and Box Rack Arm
  • Operation: Manual, with gearbox and hand wheel or crank handle or Motorized
  • Note: Metric dimensions are exact, inches are for nominal comparison.
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