AIA Lunch and Learn – The Sustainable Drapery – Reducing Stress to Systems with Custom Drapery

AIA/CES Registered Provider Program Summary

Provider:  Decorating with Fabric, Inc.

Program: The Sustainable Drapery – Reducing Stress to Systems with Custom Drapery

Program #: OCT2020

Length: 1 Hour

Credits: 1 LU/HSW

The Sustainable Drapery: Reducing Stress to Systems focuses on the five areas of stress that custom drapery can improve upon. These are: 1) The reduction of solar energy entering a space. 2) Dealing with excessive and annoying glare. 3) Lowering sound reverberation. 4) Providing desired privacy 5) Managing ambient light. 

Prerequisite Knowledge:
The program delves into how properly designed drapery design is a collaborative process that involves thinking ecologically—studying systems, relationships, and interactions, in order to design in ways that removes rather than contributes stress to systems.

Learning Objectives

Learning Objective #1
*Understanding the meaning of sustainable design when specifying drapery.

Learning Objective #2
*An understanding how to reduce stress to systems by controlling, light, heat, glare and privacy. 

Learning Objective #3
*Educating the participant in the latest technologies of motorization and controls. 

Learning Objective #4
*How to specify the correct fabrics to achieve light, heat, glare and privacy control. 

Presenter Qualifications:
Neil Gordon has served the commercial and residential markets for over 25 years, and is well known in the industry as an expert in Engineered Shading Solutions. 

aia lunch and learn webinaraia lunch and learn webinar

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